GYM Network – Dashboard Tutorial

Hey GYM Network Family,

in this overview we would like to show you how to navigate through your GYM Network dashboard, how to claim your GYMNET tokens and how to sell them on PancakeSwap.

Access Your Dashboard

To access your dashboard please go to and unlock your wallet.

Tap on your wallet address and hit Investor Dashboard.

Investor Dashboard

Tap on the little arror next to the APY number to expand details on your deposit.

Here you will find details on your DAILY GYMNET REWARDs and your DEPOSIT amount.

You can top up your deposit at any time by entering a BNB amount and clicking DEPOSIT.

You can also claim your DEPOSIT any time by clicking on CLAIM.

There is also a second way to pull out your initial contribution.

Go to MANAGE YOUR POSITION and click Withdraw & Claim.

You can also compound your GYMNET tokens by clicking on Claim & Pool.

The following screen will pop up:

Since your GYMNET tokens will be compounded into the liquidity pool, you need to have the same amount (in USD terms) of BNB on your balance to match the GYMNET value.

Withdrawing GYMNET Rewards

To claim your GYMNET rewards click Claim All in your Investor Dashboard.

You can now sell your GYMNET rewards on PancakeSwap:

To add GYMNET please tap on the upper trading asset (BNB as default) and enter the contract address 0x3a0d9d7764FAE860A659eb96A500F1323b411e68.

Choose the token you want to swap to and click Enable GYMNET and then Swap.

Yield Farming

To do Farming and become Liquidity Provider please go to Farming.

To add liquidity choose the amount of either GYMNET or BNB.

If you enter the GYMNET amount, the BNB amount will be calculated automatically.

The script is matching the two assets with a 50/50 ratio (in USD terms).

Now click Unlock, Add Liquidity & Stake.

PLEASE NOTE: You will earn affiliate commissions from Farming as well!

If you have partners in your downline, you will earn GYMNET tokens whenever your partners will claim their GYMNET rewards!

We hope this tutorial helps you navigate through the dashboard.

Prefer to have a video tutorial? Click here:

For questions please join our Telegram group:

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