Gymstreet Has Officially Launched

BREAKING NEWS: The world’s first financial Metaverse just launched!


Gymstreet was launched by Gym Network, the biggest DeFi Aggregator of 2022.

The Gymstreet Metaverse was designed by Immerse FX – the same company that provided the visual effects for blockbusters such as London Has Fallen or Expendables!

Now you can buy virtual land and place virtual miners on it.

Your virtual miner will earn VBTC tokens for you.

One land parcel is 100 BUSD. Four VBTC miners can be placed on one parcel.

One basic 20 Mh/s Metablock Miner is 50 BUSD.

Buy one land parcel and 4 x 20 Mh/s Metablock Miners in a bundle and pay only 285 BUSD!


To join GYMSTREET you will need to things:

– Referral link from your sponsor. Don’t have a link? Feel free to use this one:

Decentralized wallet on the Binance Smart Chain. We recommend TrustWallet or MetaMask.

To download and install MetaMask please go to:

Go through the setup of the wallet and write down the recovery phrase on a piece of paper.

Ethereum network will be set up by default.

To add the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network please go to settings (top right in the Google Chrome Add-On and top left in the mobile app).

Then go to Networks and Add Network.

Enter the following data:

Network Name: Smart Chain
Chain ID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:


Now load some BUSD and BNB for commissions to your wallet.

You can buy both assets on Binance. Please make sure you use the BEP20 Network when sending BUSD and BNB from Binance to your Metamask wallet.


1. Grab the referral link and paste it into the browser of your wallet.

2. Connect your wallet.

3. Scroll down and choose the bundle you want to buy

4. Click buy and confirm the purchase in your wallet.

Video Tutorials

How to connect and register:

How to purchase land:

How to purchase miner:

Done! Welcome to the GYMSTREET Metaverse!

For questions please join Telegram group:

#GYMSTREET #GYMNET #GYMNETWORK #Metaverse #NFT #NFTland #NFTminer #virtualmining

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